Over the years, the Virginia schools (like numerous academy systems cross-town the res publica) have been losing their common people college students to abode instruction. Henry County, for example, has seen an proliferate in home-schooled students from eight to 99 complete the foregone 11 old age.

In April 1999, the political unit watched in horror the communication reports on Colorado's Columbine High School shootings, where on earth 12 students and one trainer were lethally chatoyant and 24 others were wounded by two time of life who consequently killed themselves. Afterwards, the Virginia schools saw a firm magnify of applications from parents who wished to domicile institution their family.

Though the digit of brood who are nest educated has never-ending to mount inside the Virginia schools, the reasons have denaturised. Though school anger and warranty physical object to be a primary concern of Virginia schools' parents, they now have a motley of different reasons, including:

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o Too by a long chalk emphasis on the standard carrying out tests now sought after inside the Virginia schools, fearing their brood are state schooled only to overrun tests fairly than a absorption on effective basic cognitive process that is preserved and utilizable latter in life; home-schooled brood are not necessary to thieve the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests;

o The capability of Virginia schools' offspring to set to the transitional and full academy environments; many parents house university their children during the intermediate seminary years and forte them rear into the Virginia schools for elevated school;

o Virginia schools' parents' internal representation of cynical influences inside the conformist academy environment; this is even more actual for families next to severe devout beliefs; and

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o Some Virginia schools' parents simply poorness to preserve their offspring at marital for a longest period, placing them backbone in the Virginia schools for soaring school.

Religious Exemption. If a genitor applies for unbind of their tyke from the Virginia schools for spiritual reasons, they are immune from enrolling their juvenile person in any new fashion of coaching done age 18. They may need to do so and can, but they are not obligatory to do so by the Virginia schools. If they do recruit the youth elsewhere or dwelling schooling, they too are not needful to livelihood the Virginia schools apprised of the child's progress.

Other Exceptions. In command for parents to locale educational institution their children, opposite than lower than the devout exemption, they must come upon one of cardinal requirements developed by the Virginia schools:

o Requirement 1 - Effective July 1, 2006, the parent, who will be guideline the child, must have a last school diploma and kit out to the Virginia schools a demarcation of the information he/she procedure to use for the juvenile person. The nestling does not have to assemble Virginia schools' completion requirements and receives no diploma; however, progress must be shown to the Virginia schools at the end of all time period.

o Requirement 2 - The parent, who will be instruction the child, must have a newsworthy mentor certification and deliver to the Virginia schools a gloss of the program he/she devices to use for the juvenile. The teenager does not have to come together Virginia schools' graduation requirements and receives no diploma; however, here too progress essential be shown to the Virginia schools at the end of respectively twelvemonth.

o Requirement 3 - Parent enrolls tyke into a Virginia schools' accredited correspondence family university. There are more or less 19 such schools decussate the res publica. A listing may be obtained from the Virginia schools. Correspondence schools are personal businesses that operate as schools, charging for their employment. They more often than not debt $800 to $1,200 annually per student, nonetheless several complaint as much as $4,000 a period of time. The more you pay, the more employment you get, as well as word cards, transcripts and diplomas. Though work is administered by the parent, he/she has no scholastic even demand. The small fry meets the culmination requirements of the memo school; however, development must be shown to the Virginia schools at the end of each period.

o Requirement 4 - No scholastic horizontal essential be met by the parent instruction the nipper. They must contribute to the Virginia schools a portrayal of the programme he/she policy to use for the child, which must reckon the Virginia schools' SOL in native tongue branch of knowledge and scientific discipline. The toddler does not have to fitting Virginia schools' windup requirements and receives no diploma; however, progress must be shown to the Virginia schools at the end of each twelvemonth.

Description of the programme in requirements one, two and iv preceding includes a account of the subjects that will be qualified and the textbooks that will be nearly new for native tongue subject area and scientific discipline.

In all four requirements above, the child's dry advancement essential be proved to the Virginia schools either next to SOL testing loads (the toddler would have to subject to experiment by the Virginia schools and gain preceding the 23rd percentile) or done a provided a portfolio of the child's hard work.


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