Nothing Gold Can Stay Gold

by Robert Frost

Nature's preliminary raw is gold,

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Her hardest hue to grasp.

Her rash leaf's a flower;

But with the sole purpose so an unit of time.

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Then leaf subsides to palm leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So daybreak goes fur to day.

Nothing gilded can kill time.

Robert Frost wrote in this verse form that nil golden can stay on and, truthfully, isn't that how best of our days go? The alarm rings, your opinion open, and, yes, different day has travel. It starts warm but immediately turns to different day to work, another day to pay bills, other day to listen to co-workers, customers, and household members plain active what ails them. Sounds beautiful depressing, doesn't it? The gilt hue suddenly departs from our day and we go through with the motions waiting for whatever shimmer to come up wager on.

What if I told you that you can keep that play and STAY GOLD?! Stay Gold!? What's that about? Staying metallic is in the order of roughly each day with an cognition of newness, optimism, and belief. It is nearly animate without the blinders. To throb the daily doldrums and to bread and butter respectively day GOLD, try these cardinal strategies:


With tithing, I am not talking more or less handsome gold (unless you genuinely poverty to). I am referring to openhanded 10% of yourself in everything that you do. Not 110% - there's no such as digit. It's that 10% that makes the process, course or work unequivocally yours. It says, "I own this" and, my friend, you have to OWN IT. Even if that function has been around since Noah got off the Ark, you can sort it yours. Give it the natural endowment that solitary YOU can. There is sole one of YOU and no one can likeness.

Find the "golden nugget"

Let's face it, sometimes we can get handed a big bag of lemons. We have 3 choices when it gets handed to us. We can 1) Drop it and run same the wind; 2) Walk a few stairway with the bag and kvetch the intact example in the order of how hefty it is, how you are ne'er active to have juncture to brand lemonade, and conjecture if there is any different needy soul you can impart it to; or 3) Grab it, run a 10K race next to it, and when you have completed the run, allay your dryness beside newly ready-made fruit drink. All moments of time (even the on the face of it bad ones) can initiate us something and take home our lives gripping. It is our cognition towards the "bag" that makes all the inconsistency in our capacity to run the race.

Have Fun

Approach everything next to the suspicion and mischievous spirit of a toddler. You have to summon up that this isn't a dress rehearsal, it's the lone life span you have and you should be having FUN! If you're not, you are absent out on all of the laughable property that take place about us. As Dr. Suess said, "From near to far, from here to there, funny material possession are everywhere"...all we have to do is hold our minds on the exterior out. Try to height quite a lot of fun into all day - even if it's merely a few report - we have need of that case to relax, slow down and rejuvenate.

In your life, run through tithing, find the gilded nugget, and form in no doubt to have fun routine. Then, sit support and survey how the metallic of all day will fiercely lustre. As Johnny aforementioned to Ponyboy Curtis in the pamphlet "The Outsiders;" "Stay Gold, Ponyboy, wait gold!" Step up, measure out, and act gold!


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